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Montreal (Montreal in French) is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second-largest city in Canada. The History of Montreal dates back to October, 1535, when Jacques Cartier first landed on the island. Montreal is a great city to live, work or to visit, so we will guide you with most popular City Directories to help you find Attractions, introduce you to Montreal Communities.

Montreal is known as a clean and pleasant city. French is the city's official language and is also the language spoken at home by 60% of the population, followed by English at 20% . In the larger Montreal Census Metropolitan Area, 68% of the population speak French at home, compared to 16.5% who speak English. More than half of the population reports being able to speak both English and French. Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris.


Notre Dame Basilica 

In 2010, Montreal was named a hub city, ranked 34th globally out of 289 cities for innovation across multiple sectors  of the urban economy, in the Innovation Cities Index. Montreal was the next Canadian city in the annual index behind nexus city Toronto in 12-th place and ahead of fellow hub cities Calgary, Quebec City, Vancouver and Edmonton. 

Montreal has a well established reputation as one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.
City’s special charm is a product of unique mix of European and North American cultures, and its blend of original and contemporary influences.
 Montreal has so much to offer – it’s a city with so much history. Situated on the St. Lawrence River, Montreal is actually an island, bordered by rivers and lakes.

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HistoryMontreal History    Directory  Montreal City Directory   PhotoPhoto Gallery