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Bienvenue a Montreal - Welcome to Montreal.  Whether you're new to Montreal or have lived here all your life, there's always something you need to know. Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second-largest city in Canada. Montreal's Metropolitan Area about 4,259 square kilometres (1,644 sq mi) - Canada's second most populous with an estimated metropolitan area population of 3,859,318 and a population of 1,934,082

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If you visiting Montreal just for a few days, planning to stay longer than that or want to live here - you will find answers on all your questions.  It is hard to say what attracts so many people to the city.
Montreal is quiet and comfortable, despite its impressive size, but at the same time gives you a lot of opportunities to get more and more new experiences.  Watch presentation of Montreal.

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Here you will find all information about everything - from Montreal's Attractions, Shopping to the best restaurants.
If you're new to Montreal and looking for accomodation, Sightseeing - this city guide is a good way to get to know Montreal. Here you can find some reviews, Photo Gallery and Interesting Facts about Montreal and other cities across Quebec and Canada. We also offer information about most city Events dates.

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